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XPS Foam Sandwich Panel Brief

XPS foam sandwich panel is a kind of thermoplastic composite panel containing a thermoplastic resin and continuous fiberglass. The outer skin adopts glossy continuous glass fiber and the inner skin is composited with thermoplastic UD tapes. The core adopting extruded polystyrene connects with the skins through vacuum compression with special adhesives.

The outer skin with glass fiber is formed by an automatic panel line. The surface is coated with a colorful gel made of international food-grade resin. The gel coat makes the panel surface more smooth and easy to clean. The panel becomes colorful and glossy. The panel is brightly colored and glosses retained.

XPS Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure Diagram

The high body strength of extruded polystyrene in the core prevents the damages caused by embedded parts and gives the panel a flat appearance without indentations. The extruded polystyrene also performs well under a temperature as low as -50℃.

The continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic UD tapes used in the inner skin of the panel are laminated in different directions, thus keeps the fiber continuity and reinforces the material in every force direction. This part is lightweight and strong in specific strength and specific modulus. It is water, corrosion, impact, and rubber resistant, and inert to most acids and alkalis. The inner skin is formed with thermoplastic PP, which is recyclable with no gas pollution.


TypeXPS Foam Sandwich Panels
WidthMax 3.2m
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~3mm
Core: 25mm~120mm
Core Density35kg/m3~45kg/m3
SkinFRP/GRP Sheet,CFRT Sheet, Aluminum sheet
ColorWhite,black,green,yellow or customized.
Core MaterialXPS foam
ApplicationRVs, trailers, vans, refrigerated trucks, campers, Caravans, motorboat, mobile homes, clean room,cold room etc.
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate, CNC service

What are The Advantages XPS Foam Sandwich Panel?

Compared with thermo-setting, the thermoplastic XPS foam sandwich panel wins in the following aspects:

  1. Strong inner skin (higher toughness and impact resistance)

Instead of short fiber, the continuous fiber introduced in the skin resin gives the panel strength much higher than what traditional glass fiber did.

  1. Lightweight

The fiber content of the thermoplastic skin is about 60%, much higher than that of glass fiber skin (only 30% to 35%). Therefore for the same fiber content, the thermoplastic panel is about 50% lighter.

  1. Green and odorless

The panel skin is formed through the lamination of glass fiber and PP resin. PP is a food-grade plastic for it is green and odorless. However, some newly produced thermo-setting compartments are prone to odor because the small molecules of styrene have not been completely cured before they come into use.

In addition, the panel surface is honed and flat. You cannot see fiber textures on the surface.

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XPS Foam Panels Application

RV Body
Temporary Buildings
Mobile Cold Storage

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