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XPS Foam Properties

XPS foam is an insulating panel manufactured with fully recyclable material. It is produced from extruded polystyrene, a material that doesn’t deteriorate. The foam structure is constructed with very fine closed cells that provide excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.

Heat Insulation Performance

XPS foam doesn’t conduct heat due to the special cell structure. When XPS panels are laid as a wall liner or floor underlay, any heat from the room or truck body will be reflected back towards the surface. This helps to prevent heat wastage, and thereby, lowers your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Damp Protection

XPS foamed products are also water repellent. They never rot or support mould growth and help hold back any damp from the structure. XPS panels are also resistant to cement, plaster and most alkalis except organic solvents.


In addition, XPS foam has excellent sound insulating properties, which makes your truck or room floor “quieter” to walk on. It is an ideal product that reduces sound transmission to the level below.

XPS Foam in RV Panels (floor, wall, etc.)

Extruded Polyurethane Core

Exceptional heat insulation


Moisture & damp free


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Comfortable Foam Panel Material for

RV body panels

Freezers & refrigerators

Reefer trailers

Prefab houses

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