Honeycomb Panel Family

PP Honeycomb Scaffolding Panel

Anti-UV Film Panel

PVC Foam Sandwich Panel

Lightproof Sandwich Panel

CFRT Skin PP Honeycomb Panel

XPS Cold Van Panel

PU Foam Sandwich Panel

XPS Foam Sandwich Panel

Wood Skin PP Honeycomb Panel

HDPE Reinforced Pipe

PP Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe

PE UD Tape

PA6 UD Tape

Stone Surface Laminate

PP UD Tape

2 Cross-ply Thermoplastic Laminate

CFRT Laminate for Aerodynamic Skirts

File-proof HPL Panel

HPL, high-pressure laminate, a wonderful performance of fireproof, colorful surface, beautiful texture, a top choice for decorative panels;

Also called HPDL (high-pressure decorative laminate), it is composed of melamine and phenolic resins. Thermoset melamine resin is glossy and transparent. With a stiff surface, it is wear-resistant, heat resistant, and impact resistant. It also prevents contamination by the extremely fine micropore surface. Thermoset phenolic resin is also strong at stiffness and heat resistance. HPL combines all these merits of both.

High Strength NEW FRP

How strong is an FRP sandwich panel?

Maybe you have some answers. Yeah, it also depends on the core thickness. But you will be surely astonished by the hammering test on our sandwich panel with NEW FRP skin!

Scaffolding Panel Strength

Special designed PP honeycomb panel for scaffolding board.

This is the strength test. 3 men weighing almost 250kg jumping on the 1.8m board, and nothing happened!

TOPOLO is a professional lightweight sandwich panel supplier. Please feel free to contact us for material choice and lightweight solutions.

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