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Composite Truck Door Features

The most significant features of TOPOLO trailer doors are:

Weight cut

Simpler structure and less cost

Easy installation


270° open TOPOLO design


Vehicle grade sealing system

Hidden Bolt

Embedded bolts, both safety & beauty

Sample Door Data

Core material: Composite PET foam panel

Door skin: FRP

Door frame: Aluminum alloy

Foam density: 100 kg/m3

Thickness: 25mm

TOPOLO Truck and Trailer Door Solution

This door is made of PET foam panels with FRP skin. It is designed for reefer trailers, refrigerated trucks, and dry cargo bodies. Its frame adopts aluminum alloy. The truck door is lightweight and easy to install.

You can get the installation service in TOPOLO. We also provide frames, hinges, and other accessories. Please feel free to contact us for details.

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