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 Topology Optimization

Topology optimization is to design products more durable and lightweight.

You can minimize material thickness and to ensure the manufacture needs.

Topology Optimization is one parts of CAE simulation (Computer Aided Engineering). Topology optimization can analysis the best shapes and styls with supporting and loading the location on a volume of materials.

CAE simulation in automotive engineering, the case below is a lightweight simulation of back door.

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization

Composites lamination analysis

Composites are more versatile and scalable. Topology optimization can analyze different angles of each sheet to meet a specific mechanical performance and aesthetics, which gives the design flexibility. It can make the composites as strong as metal, as well as the following benefits:

  •  Lower cost : 50%-70% cost save comparing with steel and AL. stamping.
  • More stiffness,more lightweight: With the same stiffness, composite products have much lower weight. It is more potential for stiffness than metal and Al is. Composites can be designed to different loading in the same direction or more loading in only one direction. So composites can add the stiffness without adding the weight.
  • Design Flexibility: Unlike metals, composites can be easily design as complex surfaces.
  • Moisture resistance and rot resistance: Such properties are also strong in composite materials than in metals.

Topology Optimization 3

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization offers engineering design of lighter and stiffer structures. It offers:

  • Lightweight solutions: it can compute a limit amount of materials in a design space.
  • Reduce product-cycle: includes designing, testing and prototyping.
  • Reduce product-cost: Easily validate results

Topology Optimization-04


Contact your Topology Optimization Specialist now, for minimum material thicknesses, to realize the lightweight and save your cost .