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TOPOLO PIR/PUR Wall Panel (EPS/Rock Wool)

  • EPS panel is colorful and good-looking, as well as lightweight and quick install.
  • The skins are color painted steel sheets, and the core is self-extinguishing EPS foam.
  • The core and skin are combined with high-temperature adhesives. After compression, heating, trimming, and notching, the final product is completed.
  • EPS foam panel is good at heat insulation and fireproof, suitable for the walls, partitions, and additional layers of office buildings, stadiums, halls, factories, waiting rooms, and activity rooms.
EPS panel structure

PIR/PUR Building Panel

  • PIR/PUR sandwich panel, with the core of rigid polyurethane and the skin of color painted steel laminates, is a lightweight and high strength panel for construction use.
  • As a kind of composite panel, it is formed through foaming and roll forming. Rock wool is a wonderful fire retardant material and PU foam is excellent in thermal insulation. The whole panel is easy to produce and install.
  • PIR/PUR foam panel is widely used in the wall panels of factory houses, warehouses, stadiums, private houses, prefab houses, and combined reefers.
  • Being lightweight, heat resistant, waterproof and decorative, the panel is welcomed by various designers and engineers.
PU Rock Wool Panel

EPS sandwich panels are intended for applications in various kinds of buildings: industrial, commercial, and housing. During production, TOPOLO EPS cored panels are formed out by external and internal metal facings, which are profiled into a desired shape.

Features and Advantages

  • PU sealing to prevent rock wool overflow
  • Rock wool sandwich structure, for fireproof, soundproof, and heat insulation panels
  • Especially suitable for projects with high fire protection requirements
  • Both interior and exterior panels optional


  • Effective width: 950mm, 1150mm
  • Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
  • Panel skin: color painted steel (0.326mm to 0.6mm thick)
  • Panel core: rock wool + PU foam, density 30-45kg/m3
PIR/PUR Building Panel

Glass & Mineral Wool Panel

  • Both inorganic and heat resistant, lightweight and heat resistant, elastic and chemical resistant, non-combustible and no decay;
  • Glass wool is made by fiberizing molten glass through high technologies like flaming, centrifuging, and energy-carrying gas treatment under high-pressure. Mineral wool is made from iron-ore slag and processed through melting, high-pressure steam blowing, and cooling.
  • Excellent in sound insulation, the glass and mineral wool sandwich panels are useful in the building of factories, ballrooms, stadiums, shopping malls, studios, and recording rooms.
Item Glass Wool Mineral Wool
Density (kg/m3) ≥64 ≥120
Heat Conductivity (w/m*k) ≤0.052 ≤0.054
Flammability Non-flammable Non-flammable
Hydro-scopicity ≤1% ≤5%
Max. Working Temperature (℃) ≥400 ≥600

Color Painted Steel Panel

Color painted steel is a newly developed panel material in recent 30 years. The material is galvanized, aluminized, or alloyed lamination. It takes PET as the coating material. The painting includes chemical pretreatment, pre-painting, and fine painting.


  • Lightweight: general grammage <25kg/m2
  • Good-looking: different colors for strong visual effect
  • Quick-install: splicing installation, low noise
  • Fireproof: Both the core and the skin are fireproof and non-flammable.
  • Long lifespan: The skin life span is at least 25 years in the right use.
  • Low cost: As the above advantages, the comprehensive cost is obviously lower than traditional materials

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