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Surface laminates are a component for various CFRT sheets and thermoplastic sandwich panels. They bond to the surface of any thermoplastic reinforced laminates or panel substrate to provide a smooth protective layer.

Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates

Benefits and Features

High strength and low weight

Dimensional stability

Low thermal conductivity

Rapid installation and repair in applications

Reduce fiber prominence

Hide print through

Abrasion & corrosion resistance

Typical Applications of Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates

Truck: truck body, door, and floor, sidewalls and  liner panels, trailer skirts; refrigerated truck body tops and sides

Boats: hulls, bulkheads, decks, internal furniture

Mobile housing: wall panels, floor panels, kitchen partition, bathroom wall, partition

Air filters: air purifier, filter on the lampblack purifier, central air conditioning

Exterior walls: wall surface

Portable toilet: wall panels, floor panels, roof

Trailers and RV, sidewalls, roof, door, floor, partition

Intermodal: intermodal cargo containers, refrigerated containers

Modular housing, kitchen counter,

Luggage: skin or frame