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There are mainly 3 lamination layers in thermoplastic composite pipes (TCP).

-Cover Layer
This layer is not load-bearing but engineered to protect the FRP pipe against outside influences like sands and stones. This cover layer made of HDPE is additionally UV resistant.
-Reinforcement Layer
It’s strongly recommended that FRP pipes adopt continuous fiber as their reinforcement layer. Our customers often ask for HDPE coatings (T-UD series GPE UD tapes) as the reinforcement of pipelines used to transport oil, gasoline, and propane. The non-metallic ingredients make it an ideal solution for serving extremely corrosive fluids in the toughest conditions.
The liner is the very inner layer in the HDPE thermoplastic composite pipe. It can withstand all fluids and gasses in oil and gas applications. Due to the smooth inside surface, it is totally scaling-free and has significantly less flow resistance than steel pipes. Sometimes there is an additional inner layer made of anti-corrosion material. It prevents the direct contact of gas and water with the plastic layer and thus ensures the TCP pipe is 100% corrosion-free and heat resistant.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Merits

2.0MPa to 25MPa compression strength under room temperature, up to 35MPa by special design

Inorganic reinforcement, longer lifespan than organic material

Stiffness≥15KN/m2, available for 2.5m deep laying

Long time durability under severe temperature and pressure, -40℃ to 95℃ creep resistance for more than 50 years

Long term corrosion resistance to strong acid, alkali, and salt

13.6×10-6m/mK linear expansivity, close to metal pipes

Strong deformation resistance, suitable for open piping

Flexible design, easy direction changing, connector free

The minimum bending radius should be:

Outer Diameter (mm) Min. Bending Radius (m)
75 1.1
90 1.4
110 1.7
160 2.6
200 3.3
250 4.2

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Production

Liner extruding, cooling, and vacuum sizing
Jacket extruding, cladding, and cooling

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TCP layers