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One of the 3 proposals put forward in the NPC and PPCC just concluded is the “Proposal on Promoting Lightweight Cars with More Policies”.

It’s believed that the proposal is helpful in promoting energy-saving and emission reduction. It’s also proposed to form special policy documents to promote lightweight cars, including the incentives and penalties to promote the upgrading of the automobile industry chain, the catalog formulation of new materials, and the related car products, and paying special attention to the heavy truck market.

The Latest Progress of Lightweight Materials inner

Solutions of light cars refer to the improvement of vehicle dynamics through weight reduction while guaranteeing strength and safety. According to statistics, every 1% weight reduction on cars saves 0.7% fuel consumption and reduces 0.3%-0.5% carbon emission. The realization of lightweight vehicles requires the integration of materials, design, and technology, and material innovation is always the most important.

Reinforcing materials are usually metals, plastics, and fibers. The application of composites is now becoming more and more extensive with great potential.