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  • Lightweight Teardrop Trailer Panel header

    Lightweight Teardrop Trailer Panel Package

    Buckminster Fuller used to ask "how much does your house weigh?" It is still an important question, a reflection of the size and amount of material going into our buildings. In the Recreational Vehicle (RV) world, it is particularly important, [...]
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  • Thermoplastic Door Panel header

    Thermoplastic Door Panel

    Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s are grappling with the need to reduce vehicle mass to meet fuel economy and carbon emission targets. Composite materials have the potential to contribute significantly to this light-weighting push in many areas, but cost, design [...]
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  • Asda Carbon Fiber Fleet

    Asda Carbon Fiber Fleet

    Asda has announced a market first as it launches a new fleet of home delivery vans, which will aim to drive down carbon emissions and reduce the number of miles driven each day. The new carbon fiber fleet has a [...]
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  • A New Carbon Fiber from South Africa

    A New Carbon Fiber from South Africa

    Although carbon fiber materials are strong and lightweight, they cost too much. However, this situation is expected to change. Scientists from South Africa have discovered a cheaper alternative. On July 29, it is reported that researchers at the University of [...]
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  • The Latest Progress of Lightweight Materials header

    The Latest Progress of Lightweight Materials

    One of the 3 proposals put forward in the NPC and PPCC just concluded is the "Proposal on Promoting Lightweight Cars with More Policies". It’s believed that the proposal is helpful in promoting energy-saving and emission reduction. It’s also proposed [...]
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  • See Future Cars Through CIIE 2019 header

    See Future Cars Through CIIE 2019

    The second China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition Center. More than 3000 companies from more than 150 countries came to the exhibition. Most of the companies (more than 250) are in the world’s top […]

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