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T-PHC series polypropylene honeycomb core is a lightweight core that delivers excellent flex properties, including longitudinal stiffness and compression strength. The PP honeycomb core can be widely used in industrial lightweight construction, especially for vehicles and automobiles. The thickness of TOPOLO PP honeycomb core is 5mm-80mm.

Advantages and Application

Significant weight saving

Lightweight PP honeycomb means lightweight transporting facilities. Therefore the transportation speed goes up and the cost goes down.

Excellent compression and impact resistance

The honeycomb structure is good at abstracting the external force and reduce the effect of collisions. It is utilized in car bumpers, sporting protective armors, and other fields.

Effective resistance to sound transmission

Qualified for soundproofing equipment for mobile vehicles and other transporting facilities.

Waterproofing and corrosion resistance

The PP honeycomb products are strong enough to be applied to high moisture conditions and strong corrosive environments, such as harbor construction and floating raft at sea.

PP Honeycomb Core Parameters

Test Items Units T-PHC Series 80 T-PHC Series 100
Thickness mm 20 20
Density kg/m3 83 102
Fiberglass Content Wt% / /
Compression Strength MPa 1.2 1.6
Max Load / / /
0°Elongation % / /
90°Elongation % / /
0°Tensile Strength MPa / /
0°Tensile Modulus MPa / /
90°Tensile Strength MPa / /
90°Tensile Modulus MPa / /
0°Flexural Strength MPa / /
0°Flexural Modulus MPa / /
90°Flexural Strength MPa / /
90°Flexural Modulus MPa / /


As a core material of sandwich panels, the T-PHC series polypropylene honeycomb core is made with a packaging film of polypropylene as standard. This prevents the ingress of resin into the cells during processing and therefore safeguards uniformity of mechanical characteristics, which also reduces the number of adhesives.