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What’s SMC?

SMC (sheet molding compound) is a reinforced polyester containing glass or carbon fiber. Fibers, usually epoxy, vinyl ester, or polyester, are suspended in a bath of resin. The combination of long fibers and high-strength resins results in high-quality and economical panel materials.

SMC Application in Automotive Panels

In the automobile industry, developed countries have already had a large number of application cases. With the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry in recent years, the demand for automobile lightweight has become more and more obvious. Local automobile manufacturers are also applying large quantities of SMC molded products, including:

Interiors & exteriors, such as front and rear bumpers, body skirts, side panels, etc.

Body cover and body structure, such as the inner panel structure and door structure, side panels, hood inner panels, tailgate panels, etc.

As well as parts with special performance requirements, such as engine hood, battery upper shell, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the materials and production processes used in the production of SMC are mutually promoting and continuously developing. The overall trend is low density and low molding pressure. Low molding pressure refers to the pressure required in the curing and molding process, and low density refers to the material properties. The direct contribution of low-density SMC is a reduced weight without sacrificing mechanical properties and surface quality.

SMC Advantages

The most significant advantage of sheet molding compound is its lightweight compared to other materials, including metals, and even other polyesters, such as bulk molding compound (BMC). Therefore, SMC has replaced metal parts as the main material for many automotive parts. It has also been used to make bathrooms, spas, gymnasiums, cinemas, and stadium seats.

In addition to light weight, SMC is also easy to produce and can be produced in large quantities. SMC can be finished in mass production and in a short time.

Left Fender Panel of Low Density SMC

SMC Automotive Panel-inno0823-1

Rear Door Panel of TOYOTA Hybrid

SMC Automotive Panel-inno0823-2