• Post published:December 4, 2019

Containerization is key to replacing vans with specialized vehicles. From a highway going motor vehicle to a lightweight delivery vehicle, the transfer of the goods becomes safer and more efficient.

Traditionally, vans often pick up parcels at the sorting terminal outside the city center, then drive to the city and spend the rest of the day delivering the parcels.

Recently, Velove invented a smart solution for last-mile delivery learned from sea container transportation. It suggested that parcels be placed in containers at the sorting terminal, and then picked up by several special vehicles to handover points. Such vehicles are called last-mile delivery vehicles. They make delivery transportation faster and safer.

Container Advantages

The container transportation is conceptualized to make it easy by setting up temporary terminals at various locations. The last mile electric cargo bike container is weatherproof and allows an easy transfer of goods.

The transfer of goods from a motor vehicle or city hub to the last-mile vehicle takes less than 1 minute. One person can easily do the transfer.

City Container Features

City containers are built from lightweight composite material. The doors are stabilized with a gas spring and locked with a key. The four wheels ensure smooth handling on the ground.

The standard electric cargo bike container enables automate loading on and off tracks. They can be handled autonomously in city hubs.

CFRT containers product

Additionally, the last mile delivery solution can effectively prevent theft since the goods are transferred safely into the containers at big terminals.

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