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Composite sandwich panels are becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers and developers looking for lighter alternatives to heavier core materials to reduce the weight of their products.


To meet this growing demand, we have introduced a variety of lightweight sandwich panels to our composites range.

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Sandwich Panel Core

This new range includes a composite sandwich panel with various core materials.

Polypropylene honeycomb is strong and lightweight. The optimized cell size and the specific structure of the honeycomb core offer exceptional surface quality and provide optimal performance in composite sandwich structures, even with very thin skin panel layers. Besides, you can also choose foam core (such as XPS, PU, PVC, etc) for heat insulation.

For example, XPS is a closed-cell high-performance lightweight product that resists absorption of liquids and adhesives, which helps maintain panel integrity and has excellent insulating properties in low temperature and high humidity, and moisture conditions.

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Sandwich Panel Skin

The panels can be specified with a variety of skins, including fiberglass reinforced (FRP) skin, plywood skin, stone skin, anti-skid (golf) skin, as well as our newly developed CFRT skin. It is a new kind of FRP reinforced with continuous fiber. It is much stronger than conventional FRP and also lightweight.


All of these are suitable for use on a variety of applications including caravan conversions, commercial vehicle interiors, dry cargo panels, and reefer trailers.

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Typical Applications for TOPOLO Lightweight Sandwich Panels

Van conversions and lining

Automotive / truck bodies

Flooring panels

Structural decks


Retail displays

Industrial equipment

Caravan and motorhome


Public transport vehicles