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RV fiberglass panel is an ideal option for the exterior siding of your RVs, campers, or trailers. Unlike aluminum siding, fiberglass does not dent since it is durable. Fiberglass siding is built to last for a long time while keeping its initial structure. We offer customized thickness and materials for various RV panels so that you can get the exclusive design for every RV siding.


Fiberglass is a type of plastic that has been strengthened and reinforced with glass fiber. Its strength and flexibility make it suitable for almost all kinds of shapes, both simple and complex. Fiberglass has been put to use in automobiles, aircraft, boats, casts, external door skins, etc. The RV fiberglass panel has many potential benefits to the exterior of trailers, campers, and RVs.

RV Roof Panel
RV Door Panel
FRP skin + Foam core RV Panel
Diverse Skin for RV Panel

Quick Facts about RV Fiberglass Panels

For the external covering of your RV, trailers, or camper, the fiberglass panel is a delicate composition made with durability, beauty, and flexibility in mind. Some of the basic features include:

It doesn’t dent and is a remarkable improvement on aluminum siding.

It is structured for longevity without alterations to its original design.

A highly protective film is optional on the finish panels and can be removed upon installation.

Width and thickness: can be customized.

Color: also customized, and many optional skins can be painted into different colors.

Component: It is composed of a tough and lightweight sandwich panel under a process of reinforcement.

What’s Special About the RV Fiberglass Panels?

Durability: It’s made of long-lasting material that will give you a long time value for your money. Aesthetics: It enhances the beauty of the exterior of your RV, trailer, or camper. The panel skin is smooth and attractive, making the fiberglass a delight for builders as well as homeowners.

Safe Installation: The protective film positioned on the finish panels makes it possible to avoid damages during installation. The covering also protects the fiberglass from damages that could result from harsh chemicals like acids.

Easy Transportation: The flexibility in terms of dimensions makes it easy and convenient to transport over both short and long-distance.

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