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TOPOLO Rock Wool Panel Core

Rock wool is for the panels in construction sites, cold rooms, temporary offices, suspension ceilings, and insulation walls.


Rock Wool Panel Core 0930-3
Rock Wool Panel Core 0930-2
Rock Wool Panel Core 0930-1



The most significant advantage of rock wool is fireproof. TOPOLO rock wool panels withstand fires over 1000°C.

Thermal insulation:

TOPOLO products reach a K value of 0.043W/㎡K

Sound absorption:

Rock wool panel prevents obviously the sound from airplanes, rains, and hails impacting on the room wall. The soundproof effect of 120kg/m3 rock wool core can reach RW 30dB.


Core density: 120-200kg/m3

Thickness: 50-150mm flexible

Additional film: PVC

Skin choice: aluminum, zinc, steel