PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panel

PVC Foam Sandwich Panel Advantages

Lead-free and heavy metal-free

Optimal density for stiffness and durability

Fine microcellular structure

No voids in thickness

Lightweight and easy to handle

Great insulating characteristics

Fire retardant

Weather resistant

Application of PVC Thermoplastic Composite Panel


Retail display

Direct digital printing

Exhibition graphics

Model making

Wall cladding


TOPOLO Panel Solutions

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Container Panel

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Truck Body Panel

icon-interior liner

Interior Liner

icon-insulation panel

Insulation Panel

The strength of PVC foam sandwich panels is between PET and PU panels. The PVC foam board has a consistent, smooth, and flat surface, making it suitable for direct print and laminating.

The PVC material is self-extinguishing and suitable for projects with the highest safety requirements.

The surface is covered with a piece of PP film to protect the panel skin. The size and thickness of the PVC thermoplastic composite panel are customizable.

Customizing Your Exclusive Panels!

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