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An offshore wind turbine blade was recently launched in a Chinese enterprise in Hunan Prov. The wind turbine blade is the longest blade purely made of glass fiber in China. The total length is up to 84m.

The wind turbine blade is specially designed for low wind speed offshore conditions in China. It is especially suitable for the wind farms in the north of the Yangtze River and the ocean areas beside north Zhejiang Prov. and Guangxi Prov. The product was successfully delivered in time with high quality.

Compared with onshore wind power, onshore wind power is more required in the stability and technology of components.

The glass fiber wind turbine blade is mainly made of UD tape. It is a composite material with high strength and lightweight. A lot of researches and applications have shown that the new material is an ideal alternative to traditional blade materials.

Pure Glass Fiber Wind Turbine Blade inner

Offshore wind power is developing quickly in recent years. It is the dominant field in the international wind power industry. TOPOLO is a professional manufacturer of composite materials. Our UD tapes are widely used in automobiles, oil and gas pipes, and many other high-tech industries.

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