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The sun visor adopts polyurethane semi-rigid foam, providing a certain degree of buffering function. The production adopts the PU-RIM injection mold foaming process. The polyurethane is fully mixed and injected into the mold for cross-linking and curing with the steel wire to shape a foam structure. In the processing, the foam is connected to the steel wire, which not only strengthens the material but also improves the hand feeling of the parts. The mold is usually placed on a multi-station disc production line for cyclic production.

Production Flow

  1. Heating the mold to the temperature about 30-40℃;
  2. Place the metal frame into the mold;
  3. Closure and mold pouring;
  4. After about 4 minutes, take out the mold and dry it until the surface is cured (the hardness will gradually increase at this time);
  5. Trim the flash of the product;
  6. Encapsulate the skin.
PU Sun Visor Panel

With the accumulation of processing experience, the technology categories are becoming more and more perfect. On the other hand, the science development has created unlimited opportunities for the production of new materials. The combination of science and technology draws a beautiful blueprint for the future of sun visor, as well as the vehicle industry, meeting the diverse and cost-effective requirements of consumers.

PU panels are also excellent in heat insulation. They are widely used in many parts of cars and trucks. PU can be also an ideal material of construction panels, such as roof panels, wall panels, and wainscoting panels. In TOPOLO you can find more articles discussing these wonderful and advanced technologies about composite materials.