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T-SW series polyurethane foam core FRP composite panels in TOPOLO are highly customizable. We have a range of core thicknesses for you to choose from. These panels can be assembled by vertical or horizontal disposition and are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Features of PU Foam Core FRP Sandwich Panels

The composite sandwich panel is composed of PU foam and FRP skin.

The high body strength of extruded PU foam core prevents the damages caused by embedded parts and gives the panel a flat appearance without indentations.

The panel skin is laminated in different directions, keeping the fiber continuity, and reinforces the material in every force direction. This part is lightweight and strong in specific strength and specific modulus. It is water, corrosion, impact, and rubber resistant, and inert to most acids and alkalis. The skin is also recyclable with no gas pollution.

PU Core Sandwich Panels 200722

Various Skin & Core

FRP Skin
Aluminum Skin
embeddable-foam-core 0329-1
Embeddable PU Foam Core

The skin surface is coated with an anti-UV film.

The components of the skin and core can be customized. For example, the skin material can be replaced with aluminum skin.

TOPOLO New Material is a professional manufacturer of thermoplastic sandwich panels in China. Besides the PU core, we also supply various panels with different cores, such as PP, PET, balsa wood, etc.

Customizing Your Exclusive Panels!

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