FRP/GRP Skin PP Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb sandwich panels combined with CFRT composites skins (thermosetting materials and thermoplastic materials) are strong and tough as well as lightweight. In TOPOLO, the thermoplastic composite panels greatly reduce the cost and minimize the handing operation for producers. The max-width is 2.8m.

Property Comparison between Thermoplastic and Thermo-setting Panels

Properties Thermoplastic Composites Thermo-setting Composites
Light Weight ++++ ++
Recyclable Y N
Cross-linked N Y
Common Materials PP,ABS, PE,PS, PC  Polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy, PU
Process Melted and Formed From liquid to solid, through polymerization or cross-linking

Various Skin Choice

pp golf skin 2
Golf Skin
pp plywood 0929-3
Wood Skin
PP stone skin 2
Stone Skin

PP Core Sandwich Panel Features

The lightweight, durability, high mechanical, and chemical properties make the T-SW series PP thermoplastic sandwich panels very good candidates for many applications such as truck body, doors, packaging, floors, etc…


TOPOLO is a lightweight sandwich panel supplier dedicated to the design and manufacture of composite materials for lightweight solutions of vehicles, construction, and many other fields.


Lightweight and increased performance;

Excellent impact and compressive resistance;

Costless and energy-saving;

High strength and rigidity;

No VOC and completely recyclable;

Improved thermal insulation properties

Thermo Panel home 3-trans


Properties Test Standards Units Typical Value
Weight / Kg/m2 4.4(25 mm core)

4.8(30 mm core)

Impact Resistance GB/T 1451 kJ/m2 >25
Compression Strength1 GB/T 1453 MPa 1.5~2.2
Compressive Modulus1 GB/T 1453 MPa 30~100
Bending Force1 GB/T 1456 N 1200~2500
Shear Strength GB/T 1455 MPa 0.45~0.55

Note1: Typical value is affected by the thickness of the sandwich panel.

icon-container panel

Container Panel

icon-truck body panel

Truck Body Panel

icon-interior liner

Interior Liner

icon-insulation panel

Insulation Panel


TOPOLO honeycomb sandwich panel made of CFRT skin (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) is widely used in architecture, road construction, and the car industry.

These thermoplastic composite panels are especially suitable for motorhome, dry cargo, refrigerator car, and glossy wall panel.

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