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FRP/GRP Skin PP Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb sandwich panels combined with FRP/GRP skins are strong and tough, as well as lightweight. In TOPOLO, the composite panels greatly reduce the cost and minimize the handing operation for producers. The max-width is 2.8m.

Property Comparison between Thermoplastic and Thermo-setting Panels

Properties Thermoplastic Composites Thermo-setting Composites
Light Weight ++++ ++
Recyclable Y N
Cross-linked N Y
Common Materials PP,ABS, PE,PS, PC  Polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy, PU
Process Melted and Formed From liquid to solid, through polymerization or cross-linking

Various Skin Choice

Golf Skin
Stone Skin
Wood Skin

PP Core Sandwich Panel Features

The lightweight, durability, high mechanical, and chemical properties make the T-SW series PP thermoplastic sandwich panels very good candidates for many applications such as truck body, doors, packaging, floors, etc…


TOPOLO is a lightweight sandwich panel supplier dedicated to the design and manufacture of composite materials for lightweight solutions of vehicles, construction, and many other fields.


Lightweight and increased performance;

Excellent impact and compressive resistance;

Costless and energy-saving;

High strength and rigidity;

No VOC and completely recyclable;

Improved thermal insulation properties

Thermo Panel home 3-trans


Weight / Kg/m2 4.4(25 mm core)

4.8(30 mm core)

Impact Resistance GB/T 1451 kJ/m2 >25
Compression Strength1 GB/T 1453 MPa 1.5~2.2
Compressive Modulus1 GB/T 1453 MPa 30~100
Bending Force1 GB/T 1456 N 1200~2500
Shear Strength GB/T 1455 MPa 0.45~0.55

Note1: Typical value is affected by the thickness of the sandwich panel.

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Container Panel

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Truck Body Panel

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Interior Liner

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Insulation Panel

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