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PET foams core is a new material stuff in composite sandwich panels. TOPOLO PET core panels are compatible with various production methods like infusion or pre-preg, and with all common resin systems. The lightweight PET foam gives you a new perspective on your business. No matter you are in automobiles, transportation, or construction.

PET Panel for Van Body 0210-1

PET Panels for Van Body

Competitive price and low cost;

CNC shaping for customizable size and thickness;

CFRT panel skin (new FRP) for higher strength;

Thermolamination technology rather than glue bonding, for weight saving and fuel saving.

PET Foam Processing

PET Foam Processing


Standard Unit Value
Width mm 20 to 1220
Length mm 30 to 2440
Thickness mm 5 to 700
PET foam panel 0125-2

PET Panels for Construction

Excellent fatigue properties

High-temperature resistance

Low variation of density

100% recyclable and odorless

Born with closed cells, PET foam is naturally impermeable to water and moisture. It serves longer than plywood panels.

Various Skin & Thickness

PET Panel Various Thickness 0210-1

Customizing Your Exclusive Panels!

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