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The main venue of the Tokyo Olympics-the New National Stadium integrates the stands, roof, lounge, and main arena, and can accommodate at least more than 10,000 people. The gymnasium is composed of a milky white sheet for the roof and an all-steel structure for the stands. The PC sun panel refers to the roof sheet.

PC Sun Panel in the Tokyo Olympics

PC Sun Panel Features

The roof adopts polycarbonate sandwich panels to keep the audience from the sunshine in the stands. It also features:

(1) The connection of the PC sun panel is tight and reliable without leakage. It perfectly achieves all the basic functions required for the roof. The sun panel is also easy to process and build;

(2) The cold bending performance of PC sun panels is very helpful in shaping the roof curve;

(3) PC sandwich panels can be recycled and reused. It is very friendly to the environment.

On the whole, the application of polycarbonate as the sun panels in gymnasiums meets the high-performance requirements for thermal insulation and sealing properties. It is both economical and useful.