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PC Honeycomb Core

Color: transparent, white, grey, customizable


Density: 80 to 180 (kg/m3)


Compressive Strength: 1.4MPa to 2.4MPa


Shearing Strength: 0.5MPa to 0.6MPa

Honeycomb Diameter: φ3.5mm to φ10.0mm


Size & Thickness (mm): 1500☓3000, 1.0-400, both customizable


Effective Temperature: -40℃ to +130℃


Thermal Conductivity: 0.061(W/mK, 10℃)

Air Permeable

Used in refrigerators, the PC honeycomb core allows airflow more fluently and reduces the noise.

Uneasy to frost in cold and moist conditions, the honeycomb cells can fairly distribute the airflow and allow the flow of a longer distance.

Unified honeycomb cell, smooth cell wall, clean and flat surface, odorless, and non-toxic.

Air Permeable pc core
Strong & Lightweight

Strong & Lightweight

Honeycomb core can be designed at a high cell rate that is lightweight and yet high in compression strength. Compared with a foam core, the high strength to weight ratio of honeycomb is obvious.

Optional Colors

PC core color 500-blue-2
PC core color 500-green-2
PC core color 500-yellow-2

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