Multi Cross-Ply Laminates

are continuous fiber-reinforced laminates with a thermoplastic matrix such as PP, PA, PE, etc.. They combine the positive fiber properties of composite materials, such as high rigidity and lightweight, with the familiar processing advantages of thermoplastics. Components made from CFRT sheets can be shaped in any geometry of final products. It can be also maintained and recycled effectively.



In the 21st century, a continually rising demand has been noted for fiber-reinforced plastics with thermoplastic matrices as a result of the superior physical and mechanical properties of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites compared to non-reinforced thermoplastics. Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are predominantly used in injection molding processes for highly stressed parts. The multi cross-ply CFRT laminates can be used in areas that have traditionally been the sole domain of metallic materials. Due to the good mechanical strength-to-weight properties of its continuous fiber-reinforced composites, the total weight of parts can be reduced while the complex part structures can be economically produced in an injection molding process.


The production of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic laminate is a continuous pressing process. The fibers and the raw polymer material are fed into a heated double band press, where the polymer melts and impregnates the fiber fabric. The fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material is also consolidated due to pressure from the press itself. After leaving the double-band press, the composite is cooled and the band is cut into several sheets.



The continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material is a class of modern materials that offer completely new application and processing possibilities for carbon-fiber materials. Thermoplastic solutions address key issues in the industry, such as easy-welding, repairable, or recyclable.

Multi-cross ply laminates (sheets) in aerodynamic parts


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