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CFRT Material

Recent studies show that CFRT materials can be used in a wide range of material engineering fields. Today let’s see some of its applications in modern areas.


Rail Transportation

Nowadays, the rail industry is also getting more and more advanced. Due to the formability of our CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites) material, it is able to produce durable corrugated panels that reduce the cost of maintenance and repair for rail cars. These panels are stronger and more scuff-resistant than prior materials such as wood. Our advanced CFRT material provides a uniform surface with a more consistent cosmetic finish. This is an important benefit when foam insulation is injected into the cavity between the panels and the exterior walls. The corrugated shape adds strength and allows cold air to circulate within the car and around the cold cargo when the rail cars are in use.

CFRT for Rail Cars


Aerospace is a new industry where researchers are always focusing on. We provide the airline industry with lightweight and high-strength honeycomb sandwich panels (T-SP series) and thermoplastic composite sheets (T-PC series). This material is now also used to make the lightest and most durable Unit Load Devices (ULD) in the field. By using TOPOLO’s CFRT material, it will save up to 50% weight as compared to traditional aluminum ULD containers. The 50% weight saving makes it possible for the airlines and air cargo firms to carry more cargo at reduced costs. The impact resistance property is high enough for a longer lifespan with fewer repairs.

CFRT in Aero-industryAutomotive

Is it a dream to reduce weight without losing strength or performance? Take a look at TOPOLO’s high-performance composites. Let’s see how they keep the lightweight of the products in the latest CAFE regulations.

Used as selective and strategic reinforcement, TOPOLO’s CFRT material can be co-molded in DLFT (direct long fiber thermoplastic), LFT compression molding, and injection molding operations. With our material and our strategic design, the total part weight of a front-end bolster can be reduced by 8 pounds.

CFRT in Car-industryTOPOLO is dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of continuous fiber-reinforced composites. Joined with our fashionable ideas and smart design, our continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites material can be used in a wide range of material engineering fields, including truck making, rail car manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, pipe industry, and military.