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The polymer foam material is a lightweight composite material with high performance. The newly developed cell structure material is not only widely used in traditional industries such as vehicles, logistics, packaging, and building materials, but also gradually expanded to wind power, new energy, aerospace, medicine, and biological materials.


Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a highly crystalline polypropylene/CO2 composite material with excellent performance. It has become a fast-growing material of pressure-resistance and thermal insulation.


EPP products are excellent in shock and energy absorption, recovery after deformation, chemical and oil resistance, heat insulation, and lightweight. In addition, EPP is a green protection material that can be recycled and reused without white pollution.

EPP related 1027-2

EPP Foam Panel

The flexural modulus of PP is about 1.52GPa, and that of PE is only 207GPa. Its chemical resistance is similar to that of PE.

Its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength are at the highest level among foam materials.

Its compression strength of EPP foam is lower than that of hard PUR and EPS, but higher than soft PUR. The panel products of EPP is moderate in compression strength.


Foamed polypropylene can withstand 130°C, which is much higher than the maximum temperature of 80°C for polyethylene foam. Foamed PP has a closed-cell structure like foamed PE. Therefore, its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture, and it is lower than foamed PE. EPP panels can also endure at a low temperature of -30°C. It has significant heat insulation, so it can be used as a high-grade thermal insulation material in smart vehicles like cold vans, toy haulers, and teardrop trailers.


The excellent performance of pressure resistance and energy absorption comes from the special cell structure of EPP foam. Escaped energy is caught back by the gas stagnation and compression in the cells. The technology is widely used in the bumper system and anti-collision parts of vehicles.


EPP foam is super lightweight. Its panel products are new materials for air-crafts and trucks.