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TOPOLO is a leading manufacture of honeycomb core sandwich panels in China. These panels products are available for various truck cargoes.

app index hc cargo-2-1
app index hc cargo-4-1
app index hc cargo-7

The images above show the application of TOPOLO honeycomb panels in dry cargoes, van bodies, trailers, delivery cars, firefighting trucks, etc.

Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Features

With the skin reinforcement of continuous fibers, often glass fiber and carbon fiber, TOPOLO panels integrate these features:

Lightweight and high strength;

Acoustical and vibration dampening;

Excellent mechanical properties;

Lower life cycle costs;

Moisture and corrosion resistance;

Sustainable and recyclable, etc.

Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel 0831-4
Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel 0831-2
Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel 0831-1
Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel 0831-3