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High-performance continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics composites (CFRT) materials are available in rolls of tape and other multi-ply configurations. The use of our CFRT composites offers opportunities to reduce weight while maintaining exceptional strength and impact resistance.

Benefits of CFRT Composites

High Strength

High Performance

High Impact Resistance




Design Flexibility

Co-molding Capabilities in DLFT and LFT Compression & Injection Molding Operations

Decreased Total Process Cycle Time

Strategic and Selective Reinforcement

TOPOLO designs CFRTP materials to meet your special requirements of performance and design.

CFRT in UD Tapes 2103
CFRT in UD Tapes
CFRT in sandwich panels
CFRT in Sandwich Panels
CFRT in Automobile
CFRT in Automobile
CFRT in CNG Tanks
CFRT in CNG Tanks
CFRT in Containers
CFRT in Containers

Resins & Glasses

TOPOLO combines high-strength fibers and engineered thermoplastic resins to make continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials.

TOPOLO’s attributes include the ability to be co-molded in DLFT (Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastic) and LFT compression molding and injection molding operations as selective and strategic reinforcement improving specific strength, lowering component weight, and decreasing process cycling time.


High Strength Fiber Reinforcement:





Thermoplastic Resins:




Composite Panels and Sheets

Our interior and exterior structural sandwich panels and sheets are formable, water-resistant, and available in numerous cosmetic options. These water-resistant and cost-efficient materials exhibit excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as UV stability. Due to our continuous and aligned fibers, we produce lightweight, high strength, and impact-resistant products that feature consistent and reliable properties.


Our T-SW series composite panels and CFRT laminates can be made with various materials including PETG and PVDF differed for the scopes of projects.


Impact and abrasion-resistant panels and sheets for the rail and trucking industry, selective reinforcement of LFT automotive components, air, and sea cargo containers, and selected construction applications are successful examples of markets that utilize our CFRT materials.

CFRT Innovation