GPA66 UD tapes (also named CFRT uni-directional tapes) offer exceptional performance in the most demanding environments. Its excellent properties include chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, high melting point, and high crystallization rate.

This kind of unidirectional tape possesses the highest mechanical properties among UD tapes made by various CFRT materials (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites). Its tensile strength can reach 700 MPa and its flexural strength is up to 800 MPa.

GPA66 UD Tape Features

60% of glass fiber

Excellent performance of heat resistance and impact resistance

Unidirectional Tape Application

Automotive and sporting goods.

PA66 Parameters

Properties Test Standards Condition Units Typical Value
Basic Properties
Fiberglass Content ISO3451-1:2008 23℃ Wt% 60
Density ISO1183-1:2012 23℃ g/cm3 1.72
Tape Thickness / 23℃ mm 0.32
Melting Point / / 255
0°Unidirectional Laminate Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength ISO527-5Tape 5mm/min MPa 700
Tensile Modulus ISO527-5Tape 1mm/min GPa 31
Flexural Strength ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 800
Flexural Modulus ISO14125 5mm/min GPa 34
Interlaminar Shear Strength ISO14130 1mm/min MPa 45
Interlaminar Shear Modulus ISO14130 1mm/min GPa 900
0/90 Organo Sheet Mechanical Properties
Flexural Strength ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 450
Flexural Modulus ISO14125 5mm/min GPa 24
Compressive Strength ISO14126 1mm/min MPa 300
Poisson Ratio / / / 0.3

Note1: Colored product performance may be different from the above values.

Note2: Typical values are the average laboratory data only for reference.

Note3: Above conditions only reference, according to different equipment, different molds, and product requirements, the process must be appropriately adjusted.

Besides PA66, we have PA 6 CFRT UD tapes for alternatives, which is a little thinner with higher tensile and flexural strength. You can also find other CFRT products in TOPOLO such as PP UD tapes, PPS UD tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, and honeycomb sandwich panels. TOPOLO is dedicated to the research and design of new composite materials for lightweight car solutions. Our products of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites are ideal choices for your economical and high-quality requirements.

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