Test Items Test Standards Condition Units Typical Value
0°Unidirectional Laminate Mechanical Properties
Density ISO1183 23℃ g/cm3 1.72
Fiberglass Content ISO3451 23℃ %wt 60
Tape Thickness / 23℃ mm 0.30
Tensile Strength ISO527-3/Tape Dry,10mm/min MPa 830
Flexural Strength ISO14125 Dry,5mm/min MPa 1050
Flexural Modulus ISO14125 Dry,5mm/min GPa 40
Inter-laminar Shear Strength ISO14130 1mm/min MPa 45
Compressive Strength ISO14126 1mm/min MPa 340
0/90 Organo Sheet Mechanical Properties
Flexural Strength ISO14125 Dry,5mm/min MPa 560
Flexural Modulus ISO14125 Dry,5mm/min GPa 26

*Recommended working temperature:250-280℃

 Note1: Product performance may be different from the above values.

Note2: Typical values are the average laboratory data, only for reference.

Note3: According to different equipment, molds, and customer requirements, the process must be appropriately adjusted.

Advantages of GPA6 UD Tapes

Low cost;


High tensile and flexural strength;


No VOC, completely recyclable


The GPA6 UD tape in TOPOLO is made of CFRT (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) composite, a smart material introduced to the production of automobiles and car components like accelerators, brake pedals, seat frames, and seat bases. With the strong properties of CFRT, our UD tapes can be widely used in the automotive and transportation industry.


GPA6 UD tape is 60% continuous glass fiber reinforced unidirectional tape. The continuous glass fiber is infused in polyamide 6 prepregs. Its tensile and flexural strength is higher than that of PA66 UD tapes, and of course, it is a little thicker.

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