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Glass fiber reinforced PP car parts are better at scratch-proof, touch feeling, and durability than that of other materials. Some PP composites are even able to be lower reflective, lower emission, and higher chemical property & structural performance.

According to surveys, duration, lower reflection, and touch feeling are now the first three factoring concerning interiors performance. Glass fiber reinforced PP is able to meet these critical demands. The application includes: dashboard, door panel, and related contacting parts (map bags, console side, rearview mirror & seat decorations).

Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Car Panel

Glass fiber reinforced PP is also useful in other products like furniture handles and components with wearable surfaces. High durability and clean surface bring the products a longer lifespan and the users a luxurious experience.

TOPOLO is also an expert on glass fiber reinforced PP products, including PP UD tapes, thermoplastic laminates, and PP honeycomb panels. They are widely used in various car parts for lightweight solutions.