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Composite material with glass fiber reinforcement has already taken part in the contemporary vehicle industry since the early time and gained stable growth in recent years.

In 1953, GM developed Corvette, a roadster with glass fiber in the whole body. After that, glass fiber became widely used in interiors & exteriors like roof panels, front frames, rear doors, bumpers, wheel fenders, mud-apron, seat skeleton, bottom panel, manifold, radiator hood, etc.

China also began the application of fiberglass panels on vehicles in the 1950s. BAW was the first to produce carbon fiber bodies in China. In the 1990s, a composite company in Zhuhai developed a carbon fiber car more excellent in impact resistance than metal cars. At the same time, a carbon fiber minibus came out in Wucheng City of Shandong Prov. It was said that in Wucheng City alone, there were more than 600 companies involved in composite vehicle production that year. How popular it was at that time the composite car industry was! Nowadays fiberglass is used widely in various cars, buses, cargoes, and special vehicles in China. There are more and more vehicle manufacturers with special factories equipped and specific departments set for composite materials.

Classification and technology of glass fiber car parts

Body parts: body shell, hard roof, windows, doors, radiator panels, reflector panel, front/rear bumper beams, and other interiors

In these parts, carbon fiber is applied to meet the streamlined design and high-quality appearance. This is the main application of carbon fiber in vehicles and full of potential. Typical technology includes SMC/BMC, RTM, and hand layup/spraying.

Structural members: front frame, bumper beam frame seat frame, floors, etc.

Composites used here are mainly for flexible design, multi-function, and integrity. Strong SMC, GMT, and LFT are taken in the process.

Functional parts (mainly engine parts and their auxiliaries): engine valve hood, manifold, oil pan, air filter cover, gear chamber cover, win scooper, fan blade, fan wind halo, heater cover, water tank parts, water outlet shell, water pump-turbine, engine drum board, etc.