What’s Fuel Tank Strap?

A fuel tank strap is a support of the oil or gas tank on your vehicle. It is often a C type or U type belt strapped around the tank. The material is now often metal but can be also non-metal. For fuel tanks of cars, 2 straps are usually enough, but for large tanks for special use (e.g. underground storage tanks), more quantities are needed.


On fuel tanks of cars: Vehicle movements can cause damage to the fuel tank. For this reason, you need clamps to fix these tanks. They are the only things that hold the tanks in place. These CFRT Fuel Tank Straps can keep your fuel tanks secured in their places no matter how bumpy the road and how bad the weather condition is. On underground storage tanks: Made of CFRT sheet, these clamps can be also used on the underground storage tanks to increase retention. For the safety and stability of these large tanks, more clamps will be needed on the tank. Other applications of TOPOLO CFRT sheets.

Thermoplastic Products in TOPOLO

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