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By using Toray Cetex reinforced polycarbonate (PC) thermoplastic laminates as skins, EconCore’s thermoplastic honeycomb core based on resins with flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) qualification, and Bostik’s flame-retardant thermoplastics polyester web adhesive, the collaboration has seen the new material pass fire, smoke, and toxicity regulations applying to aircraft interiors.

The three companies came together to provide a sustainable solution to the more expensive and labor-intensive fabrication of parts based on a conventional sandwich layup that is currently used in aerospace, such as that of thermosetting phenolic prepreg skins and phenolic impregnated aramid honeycomb core.

Thermoplastic Honeycomb Panel

“With the FST thermoplastic honeycomb technology, we are looking for cost savings at both ends; within the continuously produced honeycomb core and panel, as well as within the fast, easy, and clean conversion of a sandwich panel into a lightweight sandwich part.”

Talitha Van Drom, Business Development Manager of Bostik, says “It is nice to see it proven that the use of the Bostik fire retardant web adhesives helps to reduce the complexity of adhesive application processes and offers a clean, repeatable assembly method while bringing added value such as fire retardancy to lightweight thermoplastic panels.”