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FRP Sandwich Panels. It is a composite fiberglass material that contains skin and core. The skin is FRP sheet. It contains resin and fibers. The resin acts as a matrix which account for 30% to 40% of the total weight. The resin can be PA, PE, PP, epoxy, phenolic, etc. They are organic non-metallic materials. The GRP sheet takes glass fiber as the reinforcement. The alternatives can be carbon fiber and other non-metallic and inorganic fibers. The fiber roughly accounts for 60% to 70% of the total weight. Its core is either plastic foam or plastic honeycomb. You can choose from PU, PET, PVC, XPS, EPS, EPP, etc for foam core and PP or PC for honeycomb. The foam core usually performs well in heat preservation and thermal insulation while the honeycomb in high strength and impact resistance.


TypeHoneycomb Core Composite Sandwich Panels
Foam Core Composite Sandwich Panels
Width0.1m ~3.2m
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~3mm
Core: 5mm~150mm
Core Density30kg/m3~300kg/m3
SkinFRP Sheet, CFRT Sheet
ColorWhite, Black or Customized
Core MaterialPU foam, PET foam, PVC foam, EPP Foam, EPS Foam, XPS Foam, PP Honeycomb, PC Honeycomb.
ApplicationRVs, trailers, vans, dry vans, refrigerated trucks, campers, building formwork, scaffolding, mobile homes, sports products, truck floor, etc.
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate,  CNC service

Foam/Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels

Advantages of FRP Panels

Light weight
Due to the special composite structure, the density is relatively small and the weight is very light.

High strength
Impact-resistant, rigid and flexible, resistant to physical stress shock and damage.

Easy to assemble

The assembly is very convenient and the cost is low. It can be assembled with screws, hollow rivets, or by gluing or heat fusion welding.

Waterproof and moistureproof

This is the unique difference between FRP panels and wood panels. This material has good sealing performance, no water seepage and no water leakage, even if the surface is damaged, it will not absorb water.

Strong weather resistance

Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials have a wide temperature range, between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius.

Foam Core FRP Sandwich Panels
Honeycomb Core FRP Sandwich Panels

Application of FRP Sandwich Panels

  • RVs, trailers, mobile toilets, stables, etc.
  • Wall panels and roof panels of refrigerated warehouses, because it is thermally insulated and resistant to corrosion.
  • The box of the cold chain transport truck.
  • Wall partition, building formwork.
  • Sports products such as pick rackets, skateboards, rafting boats, etc.
Building formwork

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