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TOPOLO fiber-reinforced panels are extremely durable and lightweight. Our FRP composite panels can be successfully used in the transportation and logistics industry. The most common applications in truck and trailer bodies are:

Dry freight & reefers

Car doors and roofs

Bulkheads and sidewalls

Commercial Vehicles & Specialty Trailers

Toy hauler ramps

FRP Composite Panel

Equipped with FRP composite panels, the truck body can offer the maximum possible capacity. In a typical 48-foot trailer, this means an extra 7 cubic feet of cargo space.

Real Savings in FRP Composite Panels

The inherent insulating properties & corrosive resistance add flexibility.

More impact resistance than aluminum materials.

Easier to repair, saving up to 80% annually on the exterior and interior maintenance.

Smooth surface for safety and easy cleaning.

No rusting under the rain, salt, sun, and chemicals.

Lower fuel costs, less wear and tear on parts.