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The laminated panel generally refers to a composite panel with multiple layers. A sandwich panel consists of three parts, the core in the middle and skins on both sides. Fiberglass laminated foam panel means the skin is fiberglass and the core is foam. The panel is usually for construction due to its high strength.

Laminated Foam PanelsĀ in TOPOLO

We provide foam panels with various skins and cores. We have PET foam, PU foam, and XPS foam with FRP skin. They have good performances in the building and vehicle industries and have different advantages.

Appearance Compare Between CFRT & FRP Skin Under Light

skin compare 0726

The matte one is traditional FRP skin while the glossy one is TOPOLO new FRP skin. You can see the cross-ply lamination of continuous fiber in the skin through the light spot.

We also recommend you our new product, CFRT panels. The skin is made of continuous fiber for higher strength. It greatly improves the weight-to-strength ratio in various fields.