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An expedition vehicle, as its name implies, is a car or truck traveling to far places. You may find that the vehicle structure is often similar to motor homes, for the need for dining and sleeping. As a result, one of the most significant features of an expedition vehicle should be temperature control. Of course, comfortable experiences also come from flexible interior design, multiple functions, and colorful visual effects.

Today, let’s talk about the essential function, temperature control. You can also call it insulation.

Expedition Vehicle Panel Advantages

As a vehicle for an expedition, the truck body has to be reliable enough in thermal insulation, while the majority part of the body is PANEL. Traditional metal and wood panels cannot control thermal bridges to an ideal extent. More and more advanced vehicle manufacturers trying to solve the problem absolutely have adopted composite panels. PU and XPS foam panels can be high-quality insulation materials to eradicate condensation. Some professional expedition vehicle panels can afford extreme temperatures, ranging from -30 degrees up to +45 degrees Celsius.

An expedition vehicle body composed of composite foam core panels also weighs much less than a similar-sized steel or wood construction. Thermal transfer free is also responsible for mold and rust problems.

Expedition Vehicle Panel inner

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