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Workhorse Group, a company focusing on commercial sales of last-mile electric delivery vans, has received an order for 6,320 all-electric vans. The order comes from Pride Group Enterprises, a company that focuses on equipment sales, rental, and leasing for the logistics industry.

Workhorse’s vans are “last mile” delivery vehicles, which means delivering from logistics centers to the package’s final destination. This puts them in direct competition with Rivian’s Amazon delivery vans and other similar electric vehicles being developed now.

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Electric Delivery Van Panel

The C-series vans under the Workhorse Group are divided into two models, C-650 and C-1000, with a cargo capacity of 650 cubic feet (about 18.4 cubic meters) and 1000 cubic feet (about 28.3 cubic meters), respectively. The van body totally adopts composite sandwich panels, 100% pure electric. Compared with traditional internal combustion trucks with the same cargo capacity, it can achieve a weight cut of 4000lb (about 1.81 tons).

Deliveries for Pride Group’s order are scheduled to begin in July 2021 and run all the way through 2026.

This great order reveals the strong interests of the whole market in electric delivery vans with composite body panels.

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