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Basic Definition of Composite Materials

According to ISO provision, a composite is an integrated material of two or more substances with respective physical and chemical properties.

Ingredients in a certain kind of composite can be various, but their properties are independent: they remain their initial properties even in the same integration. This feature differs composites from chemical compound and alloys.

On the other hand, as to the property of the whole composite, it is an coordination of its ingredients, rather than a simple summation of them. We can also say materials often gain additional properties when integrated in a composite in a regular way. That’s why researches of various composites are always popular and meaningful.

Main Parts of A Composite

Materials in a composite are often divided into two parts, reinforcement and matrix, according to their structural functions.

The reinforcement is often fibers (short/long/continuous), chips or particles of high strength and high modulus. They are hard and fragile, and the main carriers when the composite material is subjected to external loads.

The matrix is often soft materials with high tenacity surrounding the reinforcement.

Defining Composites in Vehicles

These are the comprehensive definition of composite materials, including polymer/resin composite, metal composite, ceramic composite, carbon composite, cement composite, etc.. In these materials, polymer/resin composite is most widely used. It is dominant in diversity and yield. In the same way, fiber reinforcement is dominant in polymer/resin composite. In this regard, the joint name “composite material” is usually for fiber reinforced plastic composite, while other composites have to be called in their full name.

As a result, the so said “vehicle composite” mainly refers to the fiber reinforced plastic composite that meets the standard and requirement in the car industry.

Classification of Composites in Vehicles

thermoplastic composites in vehicles

Vehicle Composites in TOPOLO

Having a deep study of vehicle performance and various materials, we found that lightweight is an undisputable trend of future vehicles. Therefore TOPOLO is making every effort in the R&D of advanced composite materials for vehicles. Plastic materials are usually much lighter than metal, and so become our focus. TOPOLO is experienced in the design and production of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites used in cars for lightweight solutions, among which sandwich panel is the core product. TOPOLO honeycomb and foam core panels are ideal for lightweight and thermal insulation.

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