CPA6 carbon fiber UD tape is a continuous carbon fiber reinforced PA6 UD tape with 50%-60% carbon-fiber content. The unidirectional tape made of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic can be used in components of the automotive and transportation industry, such as accelerator, brake pedal, seat frame, etc..

Features of CPA6 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic UD Tape


High strength and high modulus

Impact resistance

Recyclable and no VOC

cpa6-300 1110

Parameters of CPA6 Carbon Fiber Reinforced UD Tape

Test items Test Standards Condition Units Typical Value
Density ISO1183 23℃ g/cm3 1.38
Fiberglass Content ISO3451 23℃ %wt 50
Tape Thickness / 23℃ mm 0.30
Mechanical Properties
UD Tensile Strength ISO527-3 10mm/min MPa 1200
0/90 Tensile Strength ISO527-4 2 mm/min MPa 540
UD Flexural Strength ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 1200
UD Flexural Modulus ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 85000
0/90 Flexural Strength ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 720
0/90 Flexural Modulus ISO14125 5mm/min MPa 53200

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