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A composite sandwich panel is a kind of panel with a sandwich structure while using composite as its material. It is a strong structure boasting extended strength as combining composite core with continuous fiber panel skin.

Composite Panel Structure

Which part provides the most strength, the skin or the core? You may be surprised at the answer. The skin plays the role in bearing the load while the core material works as a support.

For the skin, it is important to be strong; and for the core to be thicker. If vise versa, the panel will be easily broken.


Skin materials:

TOPOLO introduces continuous fiber as the reinforcement of skin laminate. Both carbon fiber and glass fiber are available. You can have various options for various strength needs.

Core materials:

You can choose a wide range of composite materials like PU, PVC, XPS, PET, etc.

The core material itself is not suggested to be strong but adding thickness can get higher performance. Because the majority of a force is taken by the skin when the sandwich panel is in bending. So placing carbon fiber in the middle isn’t an efficient way for strength. Just thicken the core!

composite panel in bending

Composite sandwich panels are widely used in building construction, vehicle construction, airplane construction, and refrigeration engineering.