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As winter rolls around, it is necessary to think about storage and keep your vehicle in good condition during cold months. One of the important things you should do is to cover fridge vents.

In TOPOLO, the composite sheet and panels can be used as a fridge vent cover in motorhomes and functionalized as follow:

Preventing damp and water ingress,

Preventing dust and insects from entering your vehicle,

Keeping your fridge efficient in cold weather,

Ideal for winterizing or storing vehicles.


Features in Detail

Having fridge vent covers can protect your vehicle from damp and water ingress. The covers prevent rain and moisture from finding a way into your vehicle through the vents while keeping the necessary amount of ventilation. It is a good idea to keep fridge vents on the vehicle when washing it.

By fitting a fridge vent cover when in winter, it allows fumes to escape and defers the heat exchange system from cooling down too much. Thus, to a large extent, the cover panel keeps your fridge working more properly and efficiently even in winter.


Composite sheets and panels in TOPOLO can be used widely in many fields, such as motorhomes, dry cargoes, refrigerator cars, and glossy wall panels. Please feel free to tell us your requirements for customizing.

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