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Composite Panels Marching on the Building Industry

Recently, Rock West Composites (RWC) of the United States announced the addition of 3Form Varia Ecoresin carbon fiber building boards to its product lineup. Carbon fiber has a high-end appearance and is highly valued in architectural and interior design projects. By wrapping the carbon fiber fabric in Varia Ecoresin, the resulting panel is durable enough to be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Based in Salt Lake City the company hopes to provide more products to the architecture and design market in the near future, including matte or high-gloss carbon fiber panels, lighting fixtures, and furniture. The company also plans to provide integrated accessory product lines on its website to realize railings, handrails, and other architectural decorations.

The newly available carbon fiber building panels can be thermoformed into various shapes. Since the panel is much lighter than glass, it requires less structural support and is easier to install. They also have hundreds of colors to choose from and are versatile, drawing designers closer to their desired visual effects. The panel is very hard, easy to produce, and has maximum durability. Additionally, its excellent chemical resistance reduces the potential harm caused by cleaning agents.

Composite Panels Marching on the Building Industry

Carbon fiber panels can be used in various building materials like siding panels, wall panels, prefab house panels, and wainscoting panels.