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Ineos Styrolution launched a new generation of thermoplastic composite panels named StyLight in the 23rd China Composite-Expo. It was a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic panel specifically designed for car parts.

The new type of composite managed to combine strength with beauty, opening up a way to serve the need of both structure and aesthetics with a single material in vehicle design. There was only one step in every process: thermoforming, injection molding and trimming. Additionally, due to the lower shrinkage during solidification of the styrene copolymer matrix, it achieved a much smoother surface of excellent quality.

It was also 40%-50% lighter than injection-molded parts as the material was 50%-70% thicker.

Composite Panel for Car Parts

Door Panel

There are 3 parts on the door: a painted metal panel presenting an exterior visible surface; an invisible semi-structural part supporting the electronic systems and separating the cab from water; and an interior visible surface. This time Styrolution has put out a new concept combining the semi-structural part with the visible inner part.

Central Console

The surface performance is always very strict for the central console supporting the electronic equipment and a part of structural strength. Besides, it has to spare enough room for the wires and memory, making the rest space even less. This time, however, the new type of thermoplastic composite panel with a thinner wall has brought again potential to the multi-function integration.

Overhead Door

From long glass fiber reinforced PP to SMC, composites have been used for a long time in the overhead door. Traditional injection molded glass fiber PP is too heavy and costly. This time StyLight provides a new solution.

Car Body Panel for Trucks and Trailers

Replacing the thick SMC panels can reduce the weight drastically in the truck and trailer industry, where the requirements of dimension stability, grade A surface quality, and shock strength are rather critical. These panels often cover the functions of front light and engine hood as well. Panels in these parts are eager for lightweight solutions.