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Composite Honeycomb PP Car Body header

With the popularity of the Street-stall Economy in China, Wuling announced a new type of cargo car which broke the record of sales volume.

Different from traditional commercial vehicles and electric vehicles, the highlight of the popular cargo car is the car body. It is made of PP honeycomb composite panels. The left/right door and the rear door can be opened upwards by 85°. The lower side panel can be set flatwise by hooks. Thus the bearing capacity is strengthened and the cargo area is expanded.

According to media reports, after the launch of the new car, the phones of Wuling’s sales department became too busy to answer in time. The sales volume last month was easily exceeded in just one day!

The unique cargo car meets the appetite of the Street-stall Economy. And the honeycomb composite panel meets the appetite of the cargo car. TOPOLO is also designing the sandwich panels that typically suitable for the body of the cold vans and dry cargo boxes. They are not only strong but also lightweight.