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Vending Cars for Street-stall Economy

Street-stall is a typical character of the Chinese market economy. It refers to the retail though running a stall in curbside. Vendors often sell small wares of various kinds, including ice-cream, cosmetics, small toys, and articles of daily use.

The stalls are usually set either on a small carpet laying on the ground or in a vendor car. After the quarantine of COVID-19, the innovation of the traditional street-stall economy has brought again the vigor to the Chinese market.

Advantages of Street-stall Economy

Low cost:

It is known that a street-stall is free of rent. It is quick to set up and easy to quit. Let’s take a vending car for example. Business starts just by opening the trunk of a car.

Employment promotive:

The street-stall economy finds another way of shopping and catering for consumers, an alternative to traditional restaurants, and indoor shopping malls depressed by COVID-19. It also provides a great job opportunity for ordinary people.

Change Your Car into a Shop

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