T-UD Series GPP260

0.16mm thick, 260g/m2

strong impact resistance


T-UD Series GPP510

0.33mm thick, 510g/m2

strong mechanical property


T-UD Series GPP340

0.22mm thick, 340g/m2

strong impact resistance


T-UD Series GPP680

0.44mm thick, 680g/m2

high strength and elasticity


T-UD Series GPP450

0.3mm thick, 450g/m2

impact and mechanical resistant

GPP on YouTube

2.5cm min. width, E-glass fiber + PP resin

For car parts, buildings, sports, etc.

The GPP series is designed for sandwich panels and laminated panels used in vehicles. The PP UD tape with continuous fiber-reinforced composites is especially ideal for large parts due to its unique characteristics that greatly reduce the overall cost.

GPP series UD tapes are named by different prepregs and weight. For example, GPP340 means the UD tape is impregnated in PP resin and the weight is 340g/square meter.

GPE700 UD Tapes-2

UD Tape Series GPE700

0.3mm thick, 700MPa tensile strength

for onshore oil and gas pipes

GPE800 UD Tapes-2

UD Tape Series GPE800

0.3mm thick, 800MPa tensile strength

for reinforced thermoplastic pipes

GPE900 UD Tapes-2

UD Tape Series GPE900

0.25mm thick, 900MPa tensile strength

for high strength RTP pipes

GPA6 UD Tapes 200717

UD Tape Series GPA6

PA6 UD tape with 60% glass-fiber content


UD Tape Series GPA66

PA6 UD tape with 60% glass-fiber content

CPA6 UD Tapes 200717

UD Tape Series CPA6

PA6 UD tape with 50% carbon-fiber content


UD Tape Series GPPS

Anti UV PPS, width from 500mm to 1200mm

Customizing Your Exclusive UD Tapes!

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