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Aircraft motors are developing rapidly while the fuel price is higher and higher. To meet the demand of environment protection and cost saving, fanjets with high bypass ratio are asked to be more efficient and economical. As a result, manufacturers began to make fans with larger diameter. However, the added weight makes the fans the heaviest part of the motor. More and more airplane makers began to seek a new material for their fan blades. Will CFRT be preferred?

CFRT, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite, is a new composite material integrates the property of both high strength and lightweight. It takes continuous fiber as reinforcement and thermoplastic resin as matrix. The strong property of high stiffness and high toughness make the continuous fiber reinforced composites an ideal choice in automobile, aerospace, military and electronics.

The use of CFRT composite in the fan box of airplanes can greatly improve the strength and stiffness of fan blades. The blades made of continuous fiber reinforced composites is much lighter and more strengthened in impact resistance.

Evolution of Aircraft Fan Blades

Traditional solid blades:

Heavyweight, strong centrifugal force and the problem of vibration made the solid blades no longer suitable for the modern design of fuel efficiency.

CFRT on fan blade 1
CFRT on fan blade 2
Traditional Fan Blades
CFRT on fan blade 3

Hollow blades of titanium alloy:

The first generation of wide chord fan blade (WCFB) made of titanium alloy was born in 1960s. The liquid diffusion welding of two thermo-formed titanium panels with the honeycomb core forms a sandwich blade. The core of the second generation WCFB was replaced by warren structure, which is more compact, lighter and cheaper.

Compared with solid blades, WCFB managed to reduce the number of blades and thus greatly reduced the total weight. It improved the property of vibration resistance, broadened the surge margin and saved the fuel consumption.

titanium alloy fan blade
Titanium Alloy Fan Blades

Composite fan blades:

The increasing bypass ration for more efficient motors will inevitably increase the blade size and weight. How to make the blades even lighter? The answer is composite materials.

Composite fan blades
Composite fan blades
Composite Fan Blades
Composite fan blades

CFRT on Fan Blades

TOPOLO CFRT is a new generation of continuous fiber reinforced composite. It can be widely used in automobile, aerospace, military, and electronics, including fan blades in aircraft, for solutions of lightweight and anti-fatigue.

CFRT Innovation